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MaruBot Football League [for 2Players]

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  • South Korea South Korea
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MaruBot Football League [for 2Players]


2 players can be played together to control robots by using joy-sticks on the specially designed football game stadium that is applied our unique patented technologies.
This may replace world wide popular table hockey game in the future.

ㆍEducational effects from controlling the robot + Enjoyable factors as game
ㆍInspiration of cooperation and partnership
ㆍMinimizing individualism, isolation, violence of on-line games
ㆍGuidance of health game community for children




 Key Concepts

  • Worldwide Football Boom
    Like football, it is a game that decides which side scores more goals in a limited amount of time. On the other hand, it also satisfies the global football fever with uniqueness and creativity.

  • Exciting Matches
    Competing to win on opposite teams doubles the fun.

  • Robot Technology
    Using robot technology, it gives excitement by showing human action. (quick reaction, goal ceremony, rich face expression)

  • State of Art Remote Control System
    Controlling the robot with a stable remote control system maximizes freedom of movement.

  • Revolutionary Constant Charging System
    Because of the special charging system, battery does not have to be recharged nor exchanged. Game play is available as soon as the power is on and as long as the main power is on, the system continuously activates. Extra help is unnecessary.

  • Not too Easy, Not too Difficult
    The controls of the robot are difficult enough, so that it does not lead players to get bored of the game easily. On the other hand, it is easy enough for players to refrain from giving up.

  • Skill Improvement
    Similar to general sports, more goals will be scored as players improve. It is a game that does not rely on luck and pays off the effort.

  • Dribble and Intercept like a Player
    By using magnetic forces, robot can dribble, intercept, and shoot like a football player.

  • Game for Everyone
    Violence, gambling, and sexuality are not involved. Regardless of age or sex, everybody can enjoy.

  • Profitability
    Maintenance is relatively minimized considering its complexity but the excitement is maximized. : Securing high profit